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  1. 11 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:


    1 hour ago, RickinSTL said:

    So small that you have to leave your stateroom to change your mind lol..  I didn't mind it though.  We're never in our room except to sleep and change clothes


    Even 2 people changing in the room was difficult without elbowing each other! 


    11 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:


    Thanks Noodles...but I don't think it was even that big!  ?

  2. Hello All!

    We were recently on the Empress and usually don't mind taking an inside cabin to save money to spend on other fun things. 

    However, this was the smallest cabin we have ever stayed in.  Now that I am off, I am wondering if anyone knows the square footage of the cabin we were in?  It was Cabin #3201.

    I know Empress has the smallest cabins of the fleet...but wondered what the size actually was.

    Anyone?  ?

  3. Hello All! Got Labadee on the itinerary in February.

    We have been twice before. It's nice, but am wondering:

    1.) Is it worth staying on the ship for anything? I've heard there are some spa deals, etc for people who don't disembark in ports. Has anyone stayed on board in Labadee? Is there any reason to stay onboard?

    2.) Is getting one of those cabana things worth the price? Is there a benefit to it? (I heard they were expensive and hard to reserve.)

    We found in the past that it was difficult to get beach chairs in front of the area to swim.

    While it is pretty, we wondered if there is a way to enjoy this day better onboard or offboard.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  4. Hello Cruisers! 

    I am scheduled for an inexpensive cruise in Feb 2019 (inside cabin).

    I have heard people talk about getting "upgrades".  Can someone tell me how this works?

    Do they ever offer free upgrades to people who have a fair number of cruises under their belt?  (We have 5).  Someone suggested to call 60 days prior to sailing and see if they offer anything.   I did, and the only "upgrade" they could offer me was a better cabin at the going rate.  (That's not what I had in mind....)

    If we upgrade and pay the regular cost, it's not really an upgrade, it's just buying another cabin at the more expensive rate.

    I've heard of people getting onboard credits, restaurant credits, and cabin upgrades for a deal (or for free) just for asking.

    Again, we have a record of 5 previous cruises, so they can see we are loyal repeat customers.   

    How does this work?  (would really like a window/balcony instead of an inside cabin.  Does one call?   Should we wait until we board?

    Thanks for your help!




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