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  1. Just to close this post out - ornaments were shipped out and on their way to OP. Gotta love when strangers connect out of the blue to help one another! This what cruising is all about, making new friends! Glen
  2. KJ1232, We’re on Anthem now! The only Anthem ship ornaments are $12.95 each. Is this ok for 5 of them? Please let me know before Saturday! Thank you! Glen
  3. Five coming your way! Our cruise ends (Nooo!!) on the 25th so I'll touch base with you that afternoon or sometime the 26th. -Glen
  4. LOL - Yes, us too! We usually try to get an ornament on each sailing/trip we go on. Makes for some nice conversations with the family when we're putting the tree up! KJ1231 - Is that the type of ornament you'd like? Last time we were on Anthem I believe they had 2 or three sizes (I could be wrong). The picture I see from ebay looks like it's a smaller size. If so, that would be 5 of those - I'll see if they have different styles so they are not all the same. Is that ok?
  5. We're leaving cold, snowy New Jersey tomorrow on the Anthem!! If they have them available, I can pick up 5 ornaments for you and we can sync up after the cruise to get them shipped out and paid for. Anything in particular that you are looking for? I hope they have them available this soon!!
  6. We're going on the same! My wife and I along with our two kids - son who is 16 and daughter 14. Can't wait!!!! :)
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