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  1. Got it !! I want to get to Cuba soon will keep this in mind !
  2. Great ! Thats what I thought just wanted to confirm that !!!!
  3. Is it true that you can only get off the boat if you have an excursion ? I thought I heard that somewhere....
  4. Thank you so much ! This is exactly what I was looking for, I guess I will have to check back to see if anyone has the new one after April !
  5. I am doing the ClamTram in Nassau , not through RC, but look at there website and reviews !! Looks like an amazing time. They booked pretty far in advance. I asked about it months ago and they were booked and today I got a email they had an opening !!!
  6. Hello Everyone ! My boyfriend last cruise (May 2018 on Anthem) got us a great $1500 voucher for any cruise or Free cruise to choose from all his "spending in the casino" LOL -which we used for our upcoming cruise in May. Has anyone gotten that list recently of the cruises that are free-? I am just trying to make a decision for next year. I am not sure if I am able to book before hand and then apply the coupon, or I have to wait to book when I have the coupon in hand.
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