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  1. We are on Adventure of the Seas sailing 11-17-19 and got our GTY cabin assigned last week.
  2. We are on Adventure in November but when I enter my res no., name and birthday it does not take it. It just says "Sorry we hit a snag. We're unable to complete your request, please try again later." I have tried several times with no luck. We are 60 days out from our cruise. Suggestions?
  3. What is the approximate cost to get from the the port to FLL (shuttle vs. taxi vs. Lyft or Uber) for 2 people?
  4. Thanks for the insight. We are also booked in a JS starboard. I did go ahead and bid on the GS mostly because we have never been in one and thought this might be a one time experience. If we do not get the bid we are certainly ok with our JS. Question since you were just on Majesty.....are there outlets anywhere near the bed? My DH uses a CPAP machine.
  5. We just received a Royal Up offer from our JS to bid on GS, OS and the Royal Suite on Majesty. Since this is a small ship without many of the "Suite" amenities, would it be worth putting in a bid? What would be the benefit other than we would have more space? My concern is we would end up over the smoking area. I can't justify the upgrade cost for the OS or RS but would consider the GS. This is the first time we have received an offer so all insight is appreciated.
  6. Is sparkling water or flavored sparkling water (like La Croix or Perrier) available? We will be on MOS in September and have purchased the drink package. I have only seen a general list of the mixed drinks and pop available. Thanks!
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