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  1. Does anyone know how to tell if a cabin has upper berths or a pull-out sofa bed? Four sons and no one wants to be in the same bed with their brother, so just trying to figure out if it is possible to place them all in this cabin or have to come up with a different strategy. Thanks everyone!
  2. Their website is down now too ? I was really hoping to do this in June and was going to book it tonight. Anyone have any updates? @Matt maybe?
  3. @DocLC thank you for the reply. So no noise issues from the restaurants below? I figure the evening noise from CP would be unlikely.
  4. We are considering moving from an interior cabin to a Central Park VIEW room on Oasis. These aren't the ones with balconies, but are only on deck 9 with a window. To me they are similar to Royal Promenade View cabins on a Voyager Class ship. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/545005992390235584/?lp=true Has anyone stayed in these? Is there any noise from the restaurant or kitchen below? Any noise from Central Park? I have read conflicting reports with some saying the ambient restaurant music can be heard and runs 24 hrs, and others say no noise. I greatly appreciate it, and if you can report on any specific cabins you have stayed in that would be awesome. We are specifically considering 9231/9233. Thank you!
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