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  1. Now I totally understand how to figure out where the bed will be BUT I'm noticing that all the balcony room options for our 3 person party the bed is always by the bathroom! My hypothesis is that the sofa bed needs to be balcony. Can anyone confirm this is true on the Harmony?
  2. Thanks for sharing! So close!! I was hoping to find out about 11538.
  3. Yes I've noticed that the rooms go every other with the bed by the balcony and then the bathroom. But I have a hypothesis that if it's a room for 3 or more people, the bed is by the bathroom. I'm thinking that the rooms where the sofa pulls out needs to be by the balcony, but I haven't found any sites to confirm this!
  4. Can anyone confirm that oceanview balcony rooms for 3 people on Harmony the bed will be by the bathroom vs bed by the balcony? So far every room available to me has the bed by the bathroom. I'm looking for a balcony cabin on Harmony for my husband & I and our almost 3 year old and I really want our bed by the balcony. But suites are too expensive for us!
  5. Thanks! I guess my question should have been - can Guest Services get me access to two rooms on my Wow band?
  6. My family is going to have multiple rooms on our SOS cruise. Will my WOW band work for two rooms?! Thanks!!!
  7. Good to know that there is messaging on the app on Symphony!!
  8. Thanks Matt!! Your insight is always appreciated!
  9. I heard a rumor that iPhone to iPhone messaging works on the ship (without the internet package). I’ll be on Symphony of the Seas in just over a week and want to be able to message others on the ship when we aren’t together. Have you known this to be true on Symphony?! (I hope so because I really don’t want to pay for internet for two people!!)
  10. In St Kitts I think I want to go to Brimstone Hill as the views look amazing! But we will have our 1.5yr old with us and apparently he's too young for this tour through Royal Caribbean. I don't want to just take a taxi - we want to go through someone reputable. Do you know of a driver or tour company that goes to this location? Are there other things we should consider doing in St Kitts? Thanks!!
  11. Thanks to everyone for providing your thoughts and comments!! So helpful!
  12. Thanks! Good to know you’re not a fan of St Kitts. We are docking in Nassau Bahamas. I really want to be on the boat on one of the port days. I think my family would enjoy it!
  13. I’m thinking about staying on board one day while we are at port on the Symphony of the Seas in January. We are going to Bahamas, St Kitts, and St Thomas. We have a kid who will be 1.5 years old at the time so keep that in mind. Between those 3 ports, which one would you stay onboard for?
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