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  1. On Radiance in March 2018, New Zealand cruise. (US)$39 for a 15 coffee card bought on board. A very good deal.
  2. Thanks to all those who replied (above). RC had electric jugs in our balcony balcony suites on previous cruises on Voyager, our last cruise on that ship was 2016 and the electric jug along with coffee and tea was provided. We only cruise locally from Australia (New Zealand, South Pacific, Asia) and up to 2016 an electric jug has always been provided. Why they have been taken away. Obviously not a safety concern. RC do provide coffee but it is a foul brew. I understand that cruising is a very class conscious pasttime and that those who are able to afford the suites should do so and I am h
  3. We recently returned from Radiance of the Seas cruise around New Zealand. We last sailed on Voyager 2 years ago and loved it. A couple of problems we experienced. 1/ Coffee making facilities removed from our stateroom. I went to the C&A chap and requested a kettle. He refused. He was unable to explain why the facilities were removed but suggested it may have been a safety thing. I pointed out that friends in a suite had an electric kettle and a coffee maker so it was obviously not prompted by safety. He then suggested that we call room service and request boiling water. With t
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