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  1. Grandeur of the Seas is currently experiencing a technical issue which limits the operation of one of the two rudders used to steer the ship. While the ship is fully operational, in an abundance of safety, we will be making the repairs immediately. As a result, the new departure date for your cruise is Saturday, January 13th. We are actively working through the details and will have another update for you today at 12:30 PM EST. This update will include boarding times on Saturday, compensation details and all other necessary information. We are very sorry for this impact to your vacation and thank you for your patience. First time cruising and this happens, so do we still cruise for the whole 9 days? Do we get any type of refund for inconvenience?!
  2. Has anyone tipped the waiter BEFORE DINNER? I just read on another blog that you should do this so that your waiter takes notice and makes sure that you are WELL TAKEN CARE OF. Just wanted to know how much if so.
  3. Do you recommend buying from RC or just wait and do it when we get there? We’ll be in Coccay in January and we’re wondering the same.
  4. THANKS EVERYONE!! Also do you get to pick one item from each course, 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert? Or is it like AYCE? What does everyone use in case of sea sickness?
  5. THANKS EVERYONE!! JUST BOOKED IT!!!! Also is it worth getting a drink package? how much are sodas? we don't drink that much soda that'd be worth it. What about buying the wifi?
  6. Hi everyone, Im trying to book for a cruise in January. As I'm booking there are 2 fares, one is where i can pick the room the other fare is where they pick the room for us. HAs anyone picked the option where they pick the room? We are first time cruisers, and just not sure what to do. Thanks!
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