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  1. I believe this post should be pinned for first timers, so many valuable info. Thanks Buzzard. Yes, i still can't access my time dinning.
  2. Most helpful board on the internet...Thanks a lot Matt,Sabrina and JLMoran I wish i can help some future first timers the way you helped me :)
  3. Thanks Brian, had a lot of insider tips, made sure to take some notes.
  4. Super guide, thanks a lot Matt, very useful. This answered questions: 2,34. Can you help with the others as well please thanks. Appreciated.
  5. First of all, i apologize for the silly 101-questions, this is first time i am sailing and found this board to rescue me. Here we go: My reservation is for the Oasis of the sea Eastern Caribbean cruise (7 nights) on the 20th of May. Occean view balcony (14th deck) 1) Beverage packages: From what i read, there should be some discounts/sale at some point, but it has been 2 months now since i made the reservation and i've not seen any discounts on the packages [ deluxe package remains to be at $55/p) and both people in the same room must purchase it? now my wife(to be) doesn't drink muc
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