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  1. So I can text people at home without ANY charges using my iPhone????
  2. We have an excursion planned in Cozumel for 8:30. Is that ships time? We booked through RC. We have never gone on an excursion before so if anyone can help with details I would appreciate it like - time to be at the gangway- it is a 3-4 hour chocolate factory and Mayan ruin on Cozumel. No ferry! Thanks!
  3. I don't think so..... I wouldn't have a physical card- it would be online. I thought to use it to prepay tips, packages, etc.
  4. Has anyone bought RC Ecards and used them? I am interested in doing this but it would be a significant amount of money if RC wouldn't take it. Do I have to print out or can I keep it on my phone? TIA!!
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