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  1. Yep, looks fixed now. I got an email that they changed/updated their travel insurance charges to coordinate better with the FCC's. that might be why it was down...but I worked in IT for 15 years, they should have done that kind of update over a weekend not over several business days. Jussayin'.
  2. I have June 2021 cruise coming (agreed, it's probably not gonna happen), but got an email from RC last night about my last payment being due in a few weeks. Been holding off on the last bit in case, or when, it gets cancelled. Odd thing is that the amount on the receipt they sent is very different than my last receipt. So i went to check online, and my account there shows i have NOTHING more due. Very odd. I'm going to call them directly about it, but curious if anyone else has anything like this lately???
  3. I know, i used ride SeaDoo's a lot, love them. Might have to just call them to see what options are, but i know RC tends to never know much about the excursions other than what's printed.
  4. Anyone know how 'strict' they are about the 375 weight limit on the Wave Jet tour? I have a wife and 3 boys, and the two boys are not small weight wise, neither are my wife and I. Not giant 'fat' people (pardon the term, not meant to insult anyone), but Im 6'1" 230, my 17 and 15 year old boys are 6'2" 200 and 6'3" 240 (football players), so there's no combination that i could fit the 15 year old on-board with. Any thoughts, would he have to ride with someone else? Thanks!
  5. I'm a little confused, i'm booked in Allure for June 2018 and port is shown as Fort Lauderdale. Will that change, or does is still leave from FLL?
  6. All great help. Haven't sailed since my honeymoon, 17 years ago. bringing the wife and kids on a cruise in June. Coming from LA to PE though, so we're gonna come a day early, leave a day later as well. Is it easier to fly into/out of FLL or MIA?? I was only looking at FLL until i realized MIA was only 30-40 minutes away. Any recommendations?
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