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  1. Long way up the coast past Canada and back. Serenade was longer as well.
  2. No C&A points so... Allure was my last ship before the shutdown and it's closer to home so no flights or hotel. It would be kind of fitting to have Allure be my next ship even if it doesn't count in all respects.
  3. Invitation Received Choice of Allure or Ovation.
  4. Could you imagine trying to accomplish something like the Panama Canal in current times? It would never happen.
  5. No but they are burning up the Amazon delivery trucks. While it's a shame they can't go shopping in port I have seen crew videos showing the Amazon sized toiletries arriving and the wave of Amazon boxes that greet each ship that ports. Ironically they are probably saving money getting their stuff on Amazon.
  6. The West Palm to Orlando section would likely be a lot farther along if it wasn't for lawsuits that delayed construction. The West Palm to Fort Lauderdale section also endured legal action causing delays. The Central Florida Expressway Authority is already throwing a wrench in the Orlando to Tampa section: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/transportation/os-ne-brightline-universal-cfx-route-20210720-3d7p4xnxyfenflzkvqa7qvj3dm-story.html The Central Florida Expressway Authority agreed unanimously Tuesday to delay indefinitely a decision over whether to allow Brightline Trains to build passenger rail beside the agency’s State Road 417 on the way from Orlando’s airport to Walt Disney World and Tampa. It seems competing interests want the track in another corridor and are invoking "wetlands" to support their cause. Revising my previous estimate from 2040 to 2050.
  7. ABC often have late departures due to the proximity of a neighboring ABC destination. What's unique about this is the ability to get off the ship and enjoy a sunset from a beach. If you think about it, most cruises will have you back on board for sunset. Having said that, consider the port times for both itineraries. Is a sunset sailboat cruise or sunset beach experience something you would enjoy? Do both itinerary offer this opportunity? The DR is a somewhat new destination for Royal. So that may be an opportunity to try a new destination or one less frequented.
  8. Now, now. If stars align it could be partially completed in 2030. Oh wait. Here come the environmental groups. Make that 2040.
  9. I'm betting there's a huge stockpile of lobster in the supply chain. We might see it on cruises we otherwise would not in the near term.
  10. That's at least 4 Kraken and Diet for @Big Dawg Ron, maybe more.
  11. Brightline board approves Orlando to Tampa. https://www.wesh.com/article/brightline-board-approval/37081637 If it is ever built that puts all the major Florida cruise ports a train ride away.
  12. As a scuba diver I've used reef safe sunscreen for several years now. It goes on like tar and doesn't smell like a Pina Colada but it's what I use when I'm going in the water.
  13. Make sure you are checking when the hamster is not on the spin phase.
  14. $312 price drop on one, $91 price drop on another, both after final payment this morning. Took a while, but OBC is in the works. Only fear now is if they cancel it. Keeping detailed notes to aid in future FCC or refund calculations.
  15. Have you checked the price of Amtrak lately?
  16. If I had that kind of access it would be $18 DX for everyone!
  17. Somewhere in the application flow on a middleware server NTP isn't configured right.
  18. FWIW - When I cancelled an August cruise because I didn't like the mask policy the phone agent stated I had 30 days after protocols were announced to request a refund. I don't know if the 30 days cited is official policy (can't find it written anywhere) or the magic answer everyone has been conditioned to say... 30 days for refund, 30 days for FCC, 30 days until check in, 30 days until luggage tags, 30 days until the CDC actually changes something, etc.
  19. I was wondering if they would implement different colors over time.
  20. Wrong cruise line. Did you mean to post this in the luxury yacht charter forum?
  21. One word. USPS. Be thankful you get any mail beyond junk mail these days.
  22. I suspect that South Florida test cruises will have a long list of volunteer HQ employees willing to be testers. For other ports such as Oasis in Bayonne, Galveston, Seattle, Baltimore, San Juan potentially, etc. they may rely more on non-employee volunteers. For anyone who volunteered in the latest recruitment offer I'm betting you'll have better odds if you don't have a FL zip code but are close to another port, even if they aren't ready to schedule test cruises there yet.
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