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  1. When Allure was first cancelled from Galveston they moved me from an A2 on Allure to a Grand Suite on Liberty. Not happy but that's all they offered. Refused to include drink package or UDP or Voom or gratuity. My only viable choice was a refund. Not happy at all but that's where it ended up. With so few Star on Wonder, it's not going to be pretty.
  2. If your Symphony cruises is CWC eligible then talk to them first, explain what you are thinking, they may just move you rather than doing a CWC, issuing FCC and having you rebook. Consider a CWC as worst case. Often if you ask, you may be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Looks like there have been some updates since April. Deck 3 Deck 4 Deck 5 Deck 6 Deck 7 Deck 8 Deck 9 Deck 10 Deck 11 Deck 12 Deck 14 Deck 15 Deck 16 Deck 17 Deck 18
  4. Apparently you need 3 guests to see pricing. Then you have to call to remove the 3rd guest. Royal IT.
  5. As construction draws closer it isn't unheard of for more sailings to be added. That has occurred with several new builds including Symphony.
  6. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/22772-wonder-of-the-seas-deck-plans-revealed/&tab=comments#comment-243133
  7. Typically for a ship swap there isn't any action required. The deck plans for the two ships are very different particularly for suites so it will take them sometime to figure out cabins such as yours.
  8. I'm not sure Wonder was going to have Star Class since it destined for China. I'm guessing they will have to rethink that now that she is destined for America.
  9. Wonder will replace Allure in the Med. Allure bookings will be moved to Wonder!
  10. My printer/scanner has a USB port and allows me to scan to memory stick. It's one page at a time but I just stand there and flip the pages between scans.
  11. I thought the touch less elevator buttons on Odyssey where a notable upgrade. I'd love to see this across the fleet.
  12. The free CVS/Walgreens testing is for US citizens. Our tax dollars at work for us. Canucks I assume can pay for a rapid test anywhere.
  13. Crown and Anchor can service bookings. (800) 526-9723 or Use a travel agent
  14. Royal agents don't know what the Alaska Railroad does directly. On the two occasions I've used it the railroad used a truck to transport luggage directly to the ship when booking directly with the railroad.
  15. Royal will also offer the train as a transfer. Their train is a charter, the whole train goes to the ship compared to what the Alaska Railroad offers to the public. The Royal charter train departs from the Anchorage airport early afternoon so that fly in morning guests can catch it. The AR train direct leaves early in the morning from the downtown train station in Anchorage so it arrives to the ship much earlier compared to the Royal charter train. Either way there is a luggage drop in Anchorage and that luggage goes by truck straight to the ship so you don't have to mess with luggage in Seward.
  16. Alaska Railroad, Coastal Classic, Gold Star service if you can afford it. https://www.alaskarailroad.com/
  17. Surf only can do wifi calling but no video. Surf & Stream is a much better experience. All ships are not equal for Voom and all regions are not equal for Voom. On an Alaska cruise do your Zoom over cellular while at a port. Voom in Alaska is very spotty because it's so far North and satellite coverage is lacking. Anywhere and everywhere Voom can be spotty at times. If its raining satellite internet gets slow and Zoom may not work at all even on the newest ships with the best Voom technology.
  18. Flights to Seattle will almost always be less expensive but... the only way to reach Hubbard Glacier (on Royal) is to sail from Vancouver or Seward. If you are putting the money to do an Alaskan cruise budget more money for excursions and if you can afford it, look into flights to Anchorage/Vancouver. They may a couple hundred higher but Hubbard Glacier is a much more impressive glacier to sail past. Sailing from Seattle is still a great way to see Alaska. I have cruises booked from Seattle. But if you've got the money there are elevated itineraries from the more Northern ports. I also have cruises booked from Vancouver. It's a very easy port to sail from.
  19. In the past there was a section dedicated to suites/key/diamond plus/pinnacle. This was implemented different in different venues. Protocols are changing this for as long as protocols are with us. Will they revert to old ways at some point? Unknown.
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