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  1. First advice I can give you is make a list of what are the most important things for you to and make sure to save some time to enjoy the beautiful ship. I only say this because we booked excursions in every single port and I felt like we left no time to explore the ship and there is so much to see, there were things I found to do on the ship that I didn't know till the last day which was our sea day. For the excursions we ended up booking through the cruise line only because it was our first time to Europe and we wanted to be sure to make it back to the ship with plenty of time. If I go
  2. Hello again, I am traveling on Symphony of the Seas on April 14th and I have some issues with my dining reservations. Crown & Anchor told me to contact the concierge or the diamond ambassador ahead of time to resolve my issues but they had no contact info for them, so my question is does anyone know the email address will be for the concierge or diamond ambassador on Symphony?
  3. Has anyone stayed in a obstructed oceanview Crown Loft Suite on an Oasis Class ship? I’m looking to switch cabins and I can’t get a straight answer on how truly obstructed the view is, some say it’s not that obstructed but the balcony is smaller. If anyone can shed any light it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, I am traveling on Symphony April 2018 to Europe, I looked at the shore excursions offered and its a bit overwhelming being that its our first time to Europe. Do you have any recommendations for the ports we are visiting?
  5. Does Oasis of the Seas still host a by invitation only Masquerade Party or do they have some other kind of themed party? I know Harmony hosts "Red Party"
  6. Royal Caribbean use to offer water taxi's to St. Bart's from St. Maarten through Shore Excursion but they took this away for reasons beyond me. Has anyone tried to take a water taxi from St. Maarten to St. Barts on their own? Does is it give you enough time to explore and still get back in time to catch the ship departing from St. Maarten?
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