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  1. sure, that makes sense, thank you. I think the disembark / re-board question is mostly in terms of whether the one booked in my mom's room would be able to reboard early or would have to wait for my mom's check in time.
  2. How would we best logistically handle this situation? My mom is booked solo on a 4 night cruise. My son, my wife, and I want to join for the 4 night cruise AND also the 3 night cruise immediately before. We're thinking it would be best to book one of us as the additional guest in my mom's room for the 4 nighter, which would require us to call and get added to the reservation. Then separately, we'd book the 3 night cruise for three people and the 4 night cruise for two people. In this scenario, would the ship recognize that all three of us are back to back guests or would the one joining my mom's room have to disembark and re-check in.
  3. will the porters take it at the port like any other luggage when you arrive for the cruise?
  4. getting dropped off on the way to the cruise. don't have that option for the way home.
  5. just doing a mock booking on Uber, it's not showing the carseat option. If anyone knows of a specific taxi company that offers car seats, that'd be great!
  6. Please! Looking for advice on how to get from Port Everglades (terminal 18) to Fort Lauderdale airport with our one year old. I have the whole vacation figured out until literally getting from the cruise to the airport on the way home. All advice appreciated.
  7. Turns out the Cruise Planner sales are not really sales at all (at least not all the time.) The refreshment package dropped from $26 to $18 and had all the banners and bells and whistles that it was part of the cruise-essentials sale, but it's not. Response from RC below. Of course prices are always subject to change and I'm glad that the standing price appears to be reduced- no complaints there- just an odd marketing ploy to make consumers think they're getting a short term deal when they're not. "The sale advertised still gave a percentage off of onboard prices. Cruise Planner items purchased pre-cruise are lower than onboard prices with or without a promo applied. In this case, the price remained lower even after the sale ended."
  8. FYI- there is currently a Cruise Planner sale (at least for my sailing, Allure, Feb 4)
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