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  1. Hi All, Wondering what the opinions are out there on what time of year is better for a transatlantic cruise, specifically the NYC <--> Southampton routes, Spring or Fall? Summer is likely out of the question, so just looking at those shoulder seasons for now. Thanks! Pat
  2. Yet another reason why RCL is awesome. Using Enchantment to evacuate employees and their families. Sorry to the passengers that this affected by the cancellation, but this is an example of RCL taking care of everyone using the equipment they have... http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/07/news/companies/royal-caribbean-hurricane-irma/index.html?iid=ob_lockedrail_topeditorial
  3. ... you start a message thread to see if your unborn child is eligible for "kids cruise free" promo's
  4. I'm glad I asked then! Looks like I'll be shopping for another departure! Thanks for the info!
  5. While on Adventure of the Seas in April 2016, my extended family and I booked a cruise for Harmony in late April of 2018. My wife and I somewhat recently discovered that we're expecting our second child in December of this year (yay us!), but we're now also thinking about the cruise next year. I think with the new kid being 4-5 months, it will certainly be pushing it as far as how young I think we should travel, but also wondering if anyone has been through the booking process in a similar situation before. The final payment will be due only a month and a bit after the little one arrives, so I'd like to have some sort of game plan in place so that we don't have to rely on our new parent/zombie brains in December/January to figure this out. Should I give a heads up to the cruise line? It would be nice to take advantage of the "Kids Sail Free" promo currently going on, but I'm pretty I can't book someone with a date of birth in the future... Just looking for ideas... Thanks!
  6. It would definitely not be worth the hassle as from what I understand, mix still had to be sourced, and then poured in secret. Save the worry and headache and buy a drink package if it's that important! Plus, support RCL! Thanks for the insights fellas! GCP
  7. I'm NOT condoning this, just sharing an experience I'd heard about that got 2 bottles of personal vodka on board... All of the things you'd need can be purchased from a local wine bottling center and will likely cost you around $20-$30 to start, then about $10 each time after. What you'll need is: - Dark colored wine bottle(s) - cork and bottle corker (about $15) - custom printed bottle labels - beverage of choice - funnel - heat wrap for top of bottle - hairdryer or heat gun Fill liquor or beverage of choice into dark colored wine bottles using the funnel. Use the corker and cork to seal the bottle. Use the heat wrap and place over the top of the bottle, followed by applying heat from the hairdryer/heat gun until it is sealed firmly. Use the personally printed labels on the bottle to add your personal touch to the bottle and voila! Sneaky wine! This has been proven to work in the past, but please treat the above "recipe" as purely a fun story and not something that should be tried. Happy Boozing Croozing, GCP
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