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Royal Caribbean looking to hire 500 workers from Brazil

08 Jul 2013

Royal Caribbean is looking to fill 500 vacancies with Brazilians interested in working onboard their cruise ships around the world.  Positions in food service, housekeeping and management are all available.  The term duration for each of these jobs is a 6-8 month contract, with the possibility of renewal and growth at the conclusion of the contract.

Those interested in a position must be at least 21 years old and be fluent in English.  Expertise in some areas may be needed but regional recruiter in South America, Sandra Farias, stresses that it takes something more, "Must have technical knowledge, but also have to be very dynamic, proactive, enjoy working with services and have a good attitude."

Royal Caribbean employs workers from many other countries but Brazil tends to fill a number of vacancies because of their positive people skills, "Normally, Brazilians are more charismatic and offer a more personalized service, attention to duplicate the guest, "he says.

For the duration of their contract, the workers will work onboard Royal Caribbean ships.  At the end of their contract, they are evaluated and return to their home country on vacation for at least two months.  Those workers that are the highest rated may have their contract renewed and even promoted. 

To apply for a position you must submit resume to Royal Caribbean by email to [email protected] The selection is to work in the second half of this year, but has no end date. In addition to salary, employees also can increase earnings from tips.