Royal Caribbean eyeing India as "high-potential" cruise market


Royal Caribbean Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific, Gavin Smith, spoke in a recent interview about the prospects of Royal Caribbean sending cruise ships to India.

"The Indian cruise market is believed to have enjoyed modest growth in recent years. It is certainly on Royal Caribbean’s list of high-potential source markets, and mid- to long-term growth is anticipated. The most significant impact on this growth will be a decision by any of the major cruise lines to home port a ship in India. This will create a market; however, it will depend on the provision of adequate facilities."

Smith reiterated the single most important thing needed to grow the Indian cruise market is development of the port infrastructure in India. For that to happen, local government needs to commit to the idea of developing its ports, which in turn will send a clear signal to the cruise market that India is ready for international cruise ships.

"The establishment of a dedicated facility does not have to be expensive or an architectural marvel. It is important that it is low-cost and functional. There are many ports around the world that have erected temporary facilities to attract the industry, and at an appropriate time have constructed permanent facilities, thus, achieving responsible growth in conjunction with the cruise industry."