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Our favorite cruise music mix

09 Jul 2011

We have a tradition in our household that on the drive from our house to the port terminal, we listen to a mix of songs we made to get us even more excited for the cruise.  It's become a family tradition and I know many of you enjoy compiling your own music collection to get you ready mentally for your next cruise, or perhaps just escape reality for a few minutes while you need to remember what it's like to be on a cruise.

Here's a listing of our cruise mix tracks...

  1. Alan Jackson - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  2. Alan Jackson - Lad Back 'n Low Key (Cay)
  3. Billy Currington - Swimmin' in Sunshine
  4. Blaine Larsen - I've Ben in Mexico
  5. Great Divide - Pour Me A Vacation
  6. Elton John - Island Girl
  7. Jaws Theme
  8. Love Boat Theme
  9. Jimmy Buffett - Fins
  10. Kenny Chesney - When the Sun Goes Down
  11. Kenny Chesney - Beer in Mexico
  12. Sugarland - Operation Working Vacation
  13. Zac Brown Band - Toes
  14. Zac Brown Band - Where the Boat Leaves From
  15. Todd Rundgren - Bang The Drum All Day

What about you? What songs do you love to listen to to get into the mood for a cruise, Royal Caribbean or otherwise?