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Voyager of the Seas


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We everyone's favourite ship in the land down-under has been a massive disappointment. Just had friends return from the first cruise on the revitalised Voyager (there was a one night party cruise prior to this one) and they were bitterly disappointed. Complaints were varied:


  • Food choice and quality in MDR sub standard
  • Windjammer selections same everyday
  • 600 extra passengers but no extra staff to service them
  • 1,800 children running amok, (ran into an elderly lady and broke her arm) too many for Adventure Ocean
  • Certain beer brands running out on day 1 and not replenished (and some wines)
  • Staff tired and over worked (some cabins weren't being serviced until 2-3pm in the afternoons as staff complain their workload has doubled)
  • Only 1 staff member in all bars at any time including Cafe` Promenade where the line stretched for miles whilst one staff member ran the show (serving, making coffee's etc)
  • Few if any bar staff on the pool deck had to suffer a long queue at the bar for any drinks
  • Efficient check-in, disastrous boarding

Seems these complaints were corroborated by reviews on Cruise Critic as well. They had better lift their game because Aussie cruisers are a fickle lot and with all the advertising they have done of the new $80 million makeover it wont end too well.

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