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Atlantis day pass hack at comfort in suites paradise hotel

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Hey everyone, I'm sure this has been asked before, but I have been seeing a lot of difference answers, especially recently, so I wanted to get up to date information. Does the paradise hotel comfort in suites hack for Atlantis day passes still work? I have seen answers range from yes, to people saying its up to the comfort in suites if you wanna give you vouchers before you can officially check in, to some saying that the comfort in suites will give you the vouchers, but its up to Atlantis if they want to let you in before 3pm (or just whenever they feel like letting you in). If anyone has recent experience with this, please let me know. Thanks!

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Best advice I can give is if the answers are all over the place, and the commenters are posting about recent experiences, then there's policy in place that's being either individually interpreted, misunderstood, or poorly communicated. The hack might work for you or it might not. It's up to you to decide if you want to gamble vacation dollars on getting into Atlantis cheaper than purchasing individual day passes.

The official policy is same day one night bookings do not receive water park admission which might be leading to the confusion by staff and guests.

"Same day one-night bookings will not have access to Atlantis resort facilities and amenities. Advanced booking is required."

Where Atlantis is coming from with the no admissions before 3pm on check-in day is from the hotel policy of check-in starting at 3 pm.


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