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Hi All,

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and I appreciate any comments.

On one of the podcast I believe Matt mentioned that under some circumstances it's possible to take some food from the main dining room back to your room to eat later (like if you aren't feeling great or something like that).  Sometimes I'm too full for dessert but I eat it anyway because ... you can't miss out on dessert on a cruise! I was wondering if its possible to maybe take the dessert or something back to the room to enjoy later instead of eating it when I am so full.

Similarly, at the specialty dinning restaurants I have heard the desserts are wonderful.  Can you take a dessert for later from a specialty restaurant? 

Thanks again!

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Yes, you can. Just order it and ask for it to go. We've done this with dessert, especially at Chops when we were full. We would also order dinner for my son to eat after picking him up from Adventure Ocean so that he wouldn't have to rely on Sorrento's or wait on room service. 

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