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3 day review Majesty

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Boarding was very simple and quick. Once aboard able to get a quick drink at the pool bar. Lunch in the compass deli very easy while we had to wait awhile for a pizza at Sorrento's. Rooms where open right at 1. We attempted to get MTD while waiting for the rooms. Told it was no available. First time ever that as a suite guests RCCI didn't accommodate a request, first time ever!!!!! But then again Majesty doesn't have Concierge Service?? Bags arrived while we were at the mandatory drill. Then off to complimentary happy hour in the Viking Crown (VC a great place to hang out and have a drink) but the staff wasn't friendly and that continued during the complete cruise. Again not like other cruises. Hor'Drovers just ok.... Our suite 1520 other than being directly under the Windjammer was nice. But the Windjammer noise was all night to include the early morning hours. Very disappointing to pay suite prices for such a noisy suite... Cococay day 3 have a Cabana booked and the week prior we had received a call that RCCI that they were moving the Cabana's to a nicer beach and that we would be very pleased... sounded great. Got there and found our assigned cabana hadn't been moved, meaning no service in that area.(bar, food, etc...) That is part is what we where paying for? Asked to be moved to the other area again told we couldn't. SECOND time ever request not accommodated!!!! Question we booked the Cabana a good month prior to the cruise and had prepaid and then being a suite guest assumed we would be getting a priority on assignment of the Cabanas. Guess not.. Dinning service and service personnel was outstand. No issues at all. Now after being awake since 4 AM because of the Windjammer noise we are ready for  departure and go to the suite designated area as advised. We wait, wait, wait but not a RCCI person shows up so we left. The crew when we asked for assistance keep saying wait for the announcements/// PS we received a note or letter from a "Suite Coordinator" but we never saw, talked to connected with this so called person during our cruise.. Bottom line this might have been an outstand experience if we hadn't paid for this cruise and expected to travel like an  Owner Suite level guest like all the other RCCI cruise we have been on....................


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