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Curious on the 'Beach Break with Open Bar' at Beach Escape Club listed on the website in excursions, what is it like? It states that it's open bar, does that mean all-inclusive? (the fine print says food is a fee so I'm wondering if the drinks are not included either)  If anyone has details on this one, please let us know!

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I currently have this booked for our September 2nd cruise and am considering canceling it. I've watched several Youtube reviews on it that are making me feel like it may be "ok" but not worth the price we paid.

One Youtube review said he ordered a few different brands of beer while there and was brought out beer in a clear cup each time. When he walked past the bar he saw someone pouring the beer out of two liters with the labels ripped off. Sounds like the open bar options are beer and a small selection of mixed drinks. 

Food is not included (one video said chips and salsa was) but multiple reviews show that the food is very expensive and small portions. 

Also seeing reviews about the sargassum/seaweed being out of control currently. 

I've been searching the boards here hoping to get some insight before I cancel my reservation.

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