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Hi all,


My fiance and I are treating his parents to a Chistmas Cruise this year (Majesty 4-night out of Port Canaveral).  There was a medical scare last Christmas and we think a lot of it was brought on by how over-the-top they go throwing their big Christmas Eve party, so this year we want to take that off the table and just take them on a nice relaxing trip where they can be pampered and chill. We're basically living the setup to "Christmas with The Cranks."


My gift is going to be covering their gratuity and drink packages.  Future Dad-in-Law will get the money's worth out of a drink package without question, but future Mom-in-Law might have two cocktails the whole trip.  I'm trying to decide whether to get her the non-alcoholic Refreshment Package or just put what I would've paid as a credit on their stateroom so she can use it for whatever she wants.


So my decision here hinges on a few things I'm thinking about:

  • We want this to be as stress-free for them (her in particular) as possible.  I don't want her to even think about charges she's accumulating and JUST RELAX
  • She'll appreciate the sodas, fresh squeezed juices, fancy coffees and teas, but I'm not at all sure she'll appreciate $26 worth of them a day.  Is there anything else the package gets you that I'm not thinking about?
  • If I get her no package at all, she's liable to stick to the free stuff because it's free rather than getting what she'd actually enjoy
  • She *does* have a bit of a sweet tooth.  Outside of Johnny Rockets which charges you for milkshakes whether you have a package or not, are there milkshakes at Latitudes or elsewhere on the ship that would be covered?
  • How much is a fresh squeezed juice ala carte?  Is it available outside of the MDR?
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