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Found 1 result

  1. Below are my notes about our April 5-12 Oasis of the Seas cruise. Not a full review, just some observations. And I'm using some voice to text transcription software so forgive any grammatical errors. Background: this is our 11th cruise, third with children, aged 7 and 5. This was our first cruise as Diamond members so also forgive me for saying "as a Diamond member…" as many times as I can possibly fit into this post. :) T Minus 2 Thursday, April 4, 2014 Stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Romulus, overnight and had a park and ride for $155. Late in bringing us to the airport the next day; always pick the one that is 1/2 hour earlier. Ate at Leonardo's, supposedly the "best pizza in the metro area". Not. T minus 1 Probably the worst travel ever. Late getting to the airport due to the shuttle's tardiness. Long lines. Did get through the TSA checkpoint faster by being a family due to the kids. Boarded plane…and was told delayed flight due to fog in Chicago. Left 2 hours late, missed connecting flight (despite staff telling us no planes were flying out of Chicago), and had to spend 12 full hours waiting at Midway airport due to being bumped from overbooked flights. Finally ticketed for a 4:30 flight, which didn't arrive until 5:45. Got to Ft. Lauderdale after 10pm. So much for my extra day in paradise. Never again will I fly Southwest. Ever. Spent $100 in crappy food for the four of us while stuck at the airport, wiping out all savings made by not flying a proper airline. Decided I will be using Choice Air from now on. So glad we flew down a day early, otherwise we would have missed the cruise. (oh, and it gets better, wait until the flight home…) Got to the hotel after 17 hours of travel that should have been 3.5. Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina, looks nice, room has a nice modern Oriental vibe to it. Very pricey though, a tad over $300. Wish I could have enjoyed it more, along with the pool area. Took care of some work tasks and went to sleep.
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