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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer. I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten a free upgrade from Royal Caribbean. See, I know this sounds weird because nothing in life is free, but me and my boyfriend are going on our second Royal Caribbean cruise together and since we are still young in our early 20’s we booked the cheapest room possible. We booked a guaranteed interior room, hence an interior room and they can put us wherever they want. Though, just yesterday I received our cruise documents that had our room number on it. I looked up the room on Royal Caribbeans deck plans for our ship, Navigator of the Seas, and our room is a Promenade View Interior, which is an upgrade from regular interior. We had no other charges put through our cards, and I know it is not based on a RoyalUp bid because RoyalUp sent me an email stating “the changes in my reservation have allowed me to bid on more rooms, and my previous bids have all been cancelled”. So, my question is has this happened to anyone else? Do I question it? Is it just luck?
  2. Tired of waiting to see if you're one of the lucky few to get a Royal UP email? Now there's an easier way to check if your sailing has any Royal UP offers available. Once logged in, returning to the Royal Caribbean home page reveals a link to a form that allows you to check for offers. Just enter your last name and reservation ID! The wait...is over! Note: The sailing must be within 30 days.
  3. We are going on the Anthem on May 4th. We received our royal upgrade offer to bid. Has anyone bid on an upgraded room? How much did you bid on the junior suite and was your bid accepted? Did you bid on any other rooms and if so, how much did you bid?
  4. Printed luggage tags last night and then logged into my account on Royal's site to discover that I was upgraded from a G category ocean view cabin on deck three to a D1 balcony on deck 8. GREAT upgrade, unfortunately, my wife is prone to motion sickness and the cabin in one in from the bow, so it's not going to work for us. My TA is working to resolve this, but we weren't upgrade because of our C&A status. She was informed that they've closed off some of the cabins to begin work pre drydock, so our original cabin isn't available. As a result, the "revenue" department is involved, but we won't hear back until Monday because they closed early today. I told my TA, who relayed this to Royal, that I don't care what category I'm in as long as I'm midship. I've even offered to switch ships if necessary, so we'll see what happens. Hate that I can't take the upgrade, but my wife said, "Absolutely not."
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