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Found 1 result

  1. We went to Labadee for the 1st time last week. My wife is awaiting knee surgery so we wanted to take the tram directly to Columbus Cove. We asked the tram driver if his tram would take us there. Affirmative response. He dropped us off at Town Village, pointed us toward the entrance to the artist village shopping area and told us to walk down the road to Columbus Cove. We thought that was as close as we get, so we started the difficult walk down the hilly sandy road. In the shopping area we were continually yelled at by the vendors. Some vendors were fighting among themselves on the side of the road. A female vendor got in front of us telling us repeatedly that we had to go to her shop. She blocked our path numerous times. I tried to explain to her that my wife was having trouble walking and we needed to get to Columbus Cove so she could get to a beach chair. The vendor still insisted that we had to go to her shop. I had no choice but to tell her firmly that we were not going to her shop and to get out of our way. I know the vendors are trying to make a living with the return of cruisers to Labadee but blocking our path was too much. We found out later that there was a "short" tram with only 1 car that does go directly to Columbus Cove. There is also the tram that we rode on that has a longer car, or multiple cars attached that does not go to Columbus Cove. A simple mistake, or lack of accurate information. Our day at Columbus Cove was very enjoyable, the clear water was beautiful. We return to Labadee in a few weeks with knowledge to take the "short" tram. There was only 1 ship in port on our visit so lunch was only served at the main food service area in Town Plaza. Take the "short" tram.
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