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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Anyone on Serenade for portion of the Ultimate Asia Pacific Cruise Anyone doing tours in Beijing, China, in April 2024 or Taj Mahal in Cochin, India May 2024 Any suggestions how to visit Great Wall/to join up with a group Do tour company come to cruise port to pick up groups Would love to have feedback on suggestions, if someone has been to this part of the world Thanks
  2. Hi Super excited to cruise this part of the world Asia Anyone out there been to Indonesia - cruise port for Lombok,and Benoa, Bali Indonesia ship not showing any tours yet?
  3. Hi Has anyone done long cruises to different parts of the world How to you pack for 87 nites on a cruise, tips on what to bring, How to manage tours, visas
  4. I’ll be stopping in Nassau for the first time in April and we wondering if there were excursions through RC anyone would recommend. Ideally I’d like something with a bus/trolly tour that doesn’t require a hike. I’m a history buff and a solo traveler, so no need for anything kid-friendly. I’ve heard less than great things about Nassau, but I’m not particularly worried about haggling (I’m a Philly sports fan, nothing scares me). Just wanted an excursion to learn a bit more about the area! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!
  5. Hi Has anyone done world cruises? Any suggestions when taking long cruises on same ship? What suggestions would they suggest I need to ask about? Thinking of segments of the Ultimate World Cruises 2024? Looking into longer cruises, with different destinations Thanks
  6. Tell me your stories: If you spent a day doing a tour or excursion or you were walking around on your own and for whatever reason you missed the departure time for the cruise or very very late to the boat, what were the circumstances surrounding that?
  7. Has anyone used Big Moe-Paradise Taxi & Tours when in St. Thomas? We want to get to Mountain Top to see the views and then Magen's Bay Beach. Big Moe has an Island & Beach Tour that will do both. We looked at using the tram but decided we wanted a more guided tour. Thanks!
  8. Looking for a couple or group of 4 to share a private tour in St. Johns on 9/30/15. 5-6 hr tour St. Johns & St. Martin. $360/vehicle
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