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Found 6 results

  1. I got a little carried away! I have 4 cruises scheduled between now and June 2025. I have never been so adventurous. First one is a.small 3 nigjt Celestyal Geek island that is part of longer trip. The other 3 are RCI. My November jewel is set, just checking prices. My February Harmony and June radiance just had pricing show up. The DBP and Key are more than $20 more than anything I've paid. I usually don't wory about key unless it is close to Voom price. But in February friends joining me are in a suite and it would help keep us together. My questions: 1. Does the key ever sell out on oasis class ships? I know I can book and cancel, just don't want to give any hint to their pricing wizard that current price is ok. 2. Is it feasible to wait for black Friday for a February 2nd cruise? 3. Port if galveston... does north parking ever sell out? There current $10 off sale isn't exciting Mr! 4. There was a spread sheet on here a while back on dbp where you could enter what you usually drink and what your loyalty package includes. I can't find it. Anyone have any ideas? 5. Is there an easy way to switch between cruises or open them in separate browsers? Thanks in advance. Sorry if answers are somewhere else. I just can't find them. And I realize these are extremely first world problems!
  2. When it comes to pricing a RC cruise on their website I swear I use to remember that sometimes the price would change when (fake) checking out and get lower, when you added your Crown and Anchor number and sometimes it would go lower when you would add your state residence if it was a state that RC operated out of like New Jersey. I ask because for at least the last six months or so when pricing dozens and dozens of cruises the price never has gone lower when you add your C&A # or state of residence. What's going on here? Did they stop these discounts? Or are they adding them in after you have actually paid? Very confusing.
  3. I went to make a payment on my trip online, and I noticed the birthday on one of the passengers was wrong so I fixed it and the pricing for my trip went up $600+. It seems like they removed the discounts that I originally had when I booked my trip and I have tried calling the customer service number but the offices are closed. This is the first time I’ve booked a trip on my own. Is this something that commonly happens? Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m kinda freaking out right now!
  4. Buyer beware RC giving quotes over phone and not honoring. Called to confirm error said their agent did not have anything in their notes which they repeated a 100 times. Could care less what I was quoted Their notes did not match our notes. Never received confirm invoice found error after all booking had been made insist on invoice before giving card !! At the time felt like like agent was rushing me for my payment Live and Learn If you get a agent that does not speak clear English insist on new agent Will be interesting to see if we actually receive the small on board credit they offered to get me off of phone.
  5. Hello All! I am travelling on the Oasis of the Seas on 04/02/2017 and was curious about the photo packages, so I have some questions. - How much are the photo packages and what types do they offer? (I tried searching the website linked in another thread but it says my cruise isn't available yet) - Are they worth it? - Are the photos easily taken when getting off the ship at a port? Are they taken during dinners, or several times throughout the trip? - What is the quality of the images? Is it like a theme park picture or are they slightly better? Thank you in advance for your help!
  6. I know that for many of you, this is preaching to the choir. Many of us on here are already pretty saavy. Mr. Hochberg attracts only the top talent! ;) However, maybe there's something in my ramblings that will help the newbies. When I have these epiphanies, I just have to get them out of my head. What better place than here, with other Royal fanatics!? ***************************************************************************************************** It's amazing how much prices fluctuate from one day to the next! You can spend A LOT more for the same cruise simply by booking/re-booking today versus waiting for tomorrow, or next week. Just remember, before the penalty dates arrive, you can change your bookings as often as you please. Do it! You'll save big! I've been a big proponent of the Ship Mate app's price alerts ever since I learned about it on here. (Was it DocLC who told me about it?) I then took it one step further and went to the website that supports the Ship Mate app - cruiseline.com. They are not a travel booking site/travel agent. You can, and should, still use your own TA, as you see fit, but please sign up for the alerts on cruiseline.com. There's no cost. It's a completely free service, you're not obligated in any way, and I am in no way affiliated with them. You'll get emails, like the one I've attached, based on your selections. Gmail - Cruise Price Alert_ $419, Enchantment of the Seas, February 08, 2016 (up 17%).pdf You can choose your ship, your itinerary, your dates, and even your cabin type, and it will alert you whether the price goes up or down from the date you first began watching. We saved $94 on our Enchantment cruise in February 2016 (I know others on these boards have saved even more!). We're also monitoring our Navigator cruise in April 2017 - nothing has beaten the price we got so far, but if it does, we'll know instantly! We'll have enough time to take advantage of the price drop. We can use that money for excursions, booze, specialty dining, or other fun stuff! I don't mean to make this a big plug for the website or the app. I just want to stress the importance of due diligence. Staying on top of things can save you quite a bit of money. Understanding the strategies employed by the cruiselines will make you saavy enough to not overpay. They know when the average person is shopping for their vacation, and they raise the prices during those times. For instance, you'll almost always pay less on a Tuesday during the day than you will on a Friday night or weekend day. They know that's when you have the time set aside to shop, so they jack up the price. By having a price alert system in place, like cruiseline.com's, it won't matter what the cruiseline does - you'll be alerted and you'll be able to take advantage of the drop. Also remember what Matt has talked about as regards the so-called "sales" that Royal has. They're not usually sales at all! They're promotions. Price alerts allow you to no longer pay any attention to the advertsing. If it's a good deal, the alert will tell you. If you have a few minutes, read and listen to Jackie Laulainen's advice on getting the best airfare. You'll be able to apply the strategies to booking cruises as well as other travel plans. Article: http://thebudgetmindedtraveler.com/strategies-for-finding-cheap-flights/ Podcast: http://thebudgetmindedtraveler.com/best-deals-on-flights/ There's just so much information out there and so many tools that if you're paying top dollar for cruising, you're just really not paying attention and you're doing yourself a disservice. That's one big reason why everything Matt does is so important. He really is helping to make cruising better for his "friends." Cruiseline.com is just another tool in the box. Hope my ramblings help someone, if even just one person.
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