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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I will be traveling on Navigator of the Seas Cabo overnight cruise this September and wanted to get some insight on RC’s Approximate wait time to shore using tender ports without have priority for tender tickets. To my knowledge, RC is giving people with booked shore excursions and key members priority to the tender ports. Furthermore, this cruise is supposedly packed with guest. RC states that we will disembark at 12:30pm. I’m planning on booking a third party shore excursion for ATVs with the reservation starting at 3pm but pick up time is 2:30pm. does anyone have advice on the possibility of my party making this excursion? Or should I wait to things in person with local salesman( I’m just not shore an atv experience will be available if I don’t book ahead of time)
  2. Just thought of this in the context of my upcoming Bermuda cruise – If the ship is staying in a port overnight, are there still shows in the main theater / ice rink / other main venues? With so many presumably staying off-ship for dinner that night and/or roaming around port until late, I'd think the ship would give the entertainment staff a night off, but then again maybe just enough stay on board / come back early on average that they just cover their bases anyway? I'd love some first-hand-experience feedback on this. Partly because it would help me make the judgement call better about buying the drink package. ? How about in the pubs and other smaller public venues? Do those take a night off from live performances, or do they keep those ones going for the people who come back earlier in the evening / never get off the ship? I remember on Freedom that the guy performing in the pub told me he was only there for 7 out of the 8 nights, and got one night off mid-way to get a break. Seems like that overnight in port would be a sensible time to do that if it's standard policy.
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