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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone out there have experience travelling with children on a separate reservation? Here's the situation. There are six of us going on the Oasis on 24 June. My sister-in-law and her 2 kids are joining us (me, my wife and adult daughter) and we are in the 2 BR aquatheater. There are, of course, two reservations for the room, one with the 4 adults and one with the 2 children. I've gotten the onboard expense accounts set up for the four adults but no matter how I try, I can't get it to let me connect the 2 children's expense accounts to mine. Here's what I've done so far: 1. I set up all four adults. All three columns (Guest Information, Onboard Expense Account, Cruise Ticket Contract) now say completed. 2. I set up the children's reservations and all three columns are also completed. I chose None for the expense account, which appears to be correct, at least as I read the instructions. Neither of the other two options, Credit Card and Cash, seem correct and/or want more information than should be on the children's account. I've also tried the Cash option and still get the same results I outline below. I haven't tried inputting my credit card onto the kid's reservation, as it tries to associate it with the children's name (as if it was their card). 3. In the adult reservation I successfully linked the children's reservation. I know this was successful because they show up in the SetSail Pass now. 4. When I use the "Add and pay for guests in another reservation" link, it successfully pulls the two kids in, but does not give me a check box to actually put them on my account: Screen shot below (I didn't include the names for obvious reasons). You can see the lower two boxes under Guest have no boxes to check. I really wasn't concerned with this until I printed the SetSail and noticed that the kids are not listed under my credit card, I'm assuming because they are marked as None for the expense account. They are listed on it for boarding, though. Anyone else experience this? I'm not overly concerned, but since the oldest is 13, I wanted him to have a little responsibility and have a limit that he could spend. And to be fair, give a limit for the younger child, too. This is their first cruise and my first with younger children joining me. Any advice? Should I ask the Genie to correct this as we get closer? Thanks, in advance!
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