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Found 1 result

  1. Guess what ! Royal is now charging for some of the shows in the main theater ! My cruise planner for my upcoming Allure sailing has an option for an "insider" view of Mama Mia ! for $79 PER PERSON. This special "event" includes a cocktail, a photograph. preferred seating (whatever that means) and a meet and greet with the cast members. What a joke ! I wouldn't even watch Mama Mia ! when it was free I'm SURE as he** not going to pay $79 PP (plus gratuity, I'm SURE) to see a bunch of cruise line singers and dancers perform. It's even $79 for children - not that I would take a child to this show in the first place.... Are there going to be "free" showings of Mama Mia ! on this sailing ? Hard to tell. The only option for reserving this show in my Cruise Planner was the paid version but that MAY mean that you will be unable to make a reservation for anything except for the paid version. There may still be free, unreserved performances. I just don't know at this point. It seems that this new paid option is showing up on many sailings (new CC thread) and everyone seems universally outraged. I sure hope they end up with empty theaters for these paid performances or this may be something we will be seeing more of. This is just a bridge WAAAYTOOO far as far as I'm concerned. When they start charging for this second-rate entertainment they've gone waaay off the deep end.
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