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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Cruisers, I am like a ghost, i dissapear until the next cruise emergency comes along! SO SORRY! I will endeavor to be a better community member. Next cruise is in a month on Canadian Thanksgiving Last year when we cruised, a week or so before we left, my wife was diagnosed with gall bladder issues, and as such had to have a MASSIVELY restricted diet, the guest services department was a godsend This year, she decided it would be a good idea to rupture her Patellar AND Quad tendons in the same knee, a month before we cruise. We don't have cancellation insurance (on multiple hotels stays, flights and the cruise) so we are going as long as the doctor okays it. I got ahold of the RC guest services team again, but sadly, this time they kinda just said "We have no accessible rooms, maybe try calling every few days" Which I understand, but really? No wait list or anything? I am not looking for a free upgrade, but my wife will most likely spend most of her time in a wheelchair for this cruise, Having to use crutches to go in and out of the room is fine (We are renting a collapsible wheelchair) but she is worried about using washrooms. Does anyone have experience with using small cruise washrooms with mobility issues? She is tall (6 feet and very long legs) and has a full leg immobilizer. there is good chance she will not be able to bend her knee at all. any other tall folks deal with this onboard? Also, any helpful tips for dealing with mobility issues onboard in a chair? I am suspecting we should change our dining from "my time" to a set time so that we have a simple accessible spot. (my experience with non set time dining seemed a little busier and more chaotic overall, but maybe that was just on the Anthem) Thanks in advance Cruise pals! Dave & Cara
  2. We will be aboard Symphony of the Seas Apr 21-28, 2018. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tour of Cinque Terra (La Spezia port on Apr 24th) while travelling with a senior who has mobility issues? She is limited to walking short distances and climbing few steps, but we will be bringing a foldable lightweight wheel chair for easy transport. We are concerned about rugged terrain and numerous steps to climb in some of the small villages of Cinque Terre. Greatly appreciate your suggestions.
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