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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I asked this question on Cruise Critic and found the conversation interesting enough (once you look past the elite responses!) and figured I'd ask the question here to get your takes on this Apart from the obvious responses like work harder/get better job etc, and the fact one persons reasonable is another's excessive extravagance makes this highly subjective at best however this is more insight than anything else I've looked at Suites on various cruise lines and I'm just trying to figure out how people actually afford these!!! Take, for example, Navigator of the Seas Royal Suite on Deck 10 - the largest and only room of its kind on the entire ship (me and the missus had a quick peak on disembarkation and were in awe at its sheer size!!). So to stay in that room on board Navigator (bearing in mind it's not the technological smorgasbord that the Quantum or Oasis class ships are - and neither is it the newest generation of ship in currently in the fleet) yet to stay in the Royal Suite for 14 nights cost £19,444 (circa $25,047 at time of writing this) for 2 people on 12 May 2017 That is the same money as a entry level Ford Mustang V6 Fastback!!! I mean surely people aren't handing money over like that? Either cruising in a Suite stateroom is the prerogative of the global 1% wealthy population exclusively OR you are a high loyalty level member that has qualified for the largest discounts the cruise line is willing to offer. There must be ways of "blagging" yourself a cheeky discount on a suite stateroom? I'm only a lowly Gold level CAS Member at the moment and the purpose of his thread is not to start a flame war against RCCL's Loyalty or lack thereof (there's plenty other threads on Cruise Critic that have done that for me!) however it is something I've always been curious about - yes I would love to experience one however struggling to realise why a 14 night holiday will cost the same as a owning a brand new sports car today!! Anyone got any insider or even pro tips on how to sniff out a good suite deal? The above prices were correct at time of writing of August 16th 2016
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