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Found 2 results

  1. We have a group going over Spring Break Next year on the Harmony to Coco Cay. We have reserved a Floating Cabana. The Listed Capacity is 8. There is 13 of us total, with 6 adults and 7 teens. We are willing to buy extra Beach club passes for the overflow and figure that it will mostly be the adults hanging out at the Floating Cabana. The Teens will probably be just coming and going to other pools and activities. What is everyone's experience with access to the Floating Cabana's after you get into the beach club. Is there a different pass for the floating cabana's that you need. If there is more than 8 people at the Cabana do they get mad? Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. CoCo Beach Club: Floating Cabanas This June we (my group) are looking forward to an Oasis OTS cruise that takes a stop at CoCo Cay!!! Everyone is looking forward to it, but I was wondering what your guys' opinions on the floating cabanas were. We would split the price between everyone, and we would probably have some people relaxing there most of the time we are at the Cay. Just wanting your experiences, opinions, and recommendations! Thanks! P.S. If they're worth it, Can you reserve them? [(We have the royal Genie)(We would be fine with having other party members pay us back.)] If so, which are best, closer to land or further out? (I thought the one on the far right looked best in my opinion.) Lastly, do they rock a lot, my dad gets seasick?.
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