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Found 2 results

  1. RC just changed our excursion time to a 6:30 a.m. excursion from something more reasonable. This is for a Salmon Fishing excursion from Radiance of the Sea next week. Checked with RC about this and they indicated provider has eliminated the later excursions - my guess not enough interest. This is the only time available. Has anyone taken this O'dark Thirty excursion? Question: What time would we end up leaving the ship to get there that early or does the excursion "start" time mean the time we gather to go to the excursion site? When the heck would we eat breakfast? Bring something back from dinner to eat in the a.m.?
  2. I have been observing the treatment of the casino people aboard my past 3 cruises first lets say the casino bars must put a lot of pressure on the bartenders most if not all in my experience have been short tempered lack any personality what so ever I almost always walk right outside to schooner to get my drinks where I feel appreciated next the ships are set up for early risers not casino people we stay up late pouring more and more money into the ships bottom line as a matter of fact I would bet (no pun intended) that I for one spend huge amounts of money way more then the cruise fare the problem is we sleep late and never make it up for breakfast and barely for lunch some days leaving sorrentos or promenade café as our only choices it would be nice if royal would recognize these things and have one area open in the windjammer open late in WJ or even round the clock for food on our schedules after all we spend a hell of a lot of money and the casino is always crowded so I know a lot of people feel the way I do some will say how about room service well it was ok before the 7.95 charge and the added 2.00 ghost charge on the same order and the food is always cold even if the ships went back to the midnite buffets that would help and there is plenty of room in the WJ do we really need 3 areas of gluten free foods for the most part the same in all three areas the 9.95 charge is not a big deal but the cold food and sitting in your room eating is not my idea of cruising I don't expect much will be done to serve casino people in the new ala carte world of cruising but I would hope that at least Royal would consider my request
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