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Found 1 result

  1. OK, so I already know that the Dragon's Breath zip line excursion has a big standard disclaimer on it that people with back or neck problems shouldn't do it. But I also know it's a CYA disclaimer to cover that 1-in-500 or lower chance someone gets hurt doing it. I've been on plenty of rides with these disclaimers, and in spite of having really badly hurt my neck years ago, I've never had a problem with any of them. Mainly low- to mid-line roller coasters (space mountain / runaway train / thunder mountain type, no loops or linear acceleration launchers), but also other amusement park rides. This excursion has me feeling a little differently. I'm hitting 50 mph by the time the line levels out. There are no restraints to keep my body from jerking around at the end when I stop, certainly nothing to protect my neck (which I will admit is still somewhat weak even now and which cracks / pops several times a day). I'd like to do it, but not if there's a non-minimal risk of spraining / straining it again. Labadee is the last port on our trip, but I still have a sea day after that and then the flight home. Can anyone who's done this excursion clue me in on how hard the jolt is when you stop at the end? I've seen the videos showing the full experience, and it certainly looks like I could really feel it. The rest of my family will be doing this and I have no problem taking several slow runs down the alpine coaster while they're at it, or just lazing in the cabana and getting our money's worth from that, or taking a slow walk along the paths. Thanks, all!
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