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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I know large group planning can be difficult on cruises, but it's my husband's 40th birthday and he has one request: group dinner on his birthday at Jamie's Italian. There are 13 of us on this cruise who would like to dine for his birthday. I suppose my first step is to call RC and see what they can do, but I thought I'd try here first to see what others have learned and what my expectations should be. Some additional points/questions: Some people will have the unlimited dining package, and some will have the three night, and some will have no dining package. Is this a nightmare for the staff? If people think it makes it easier on the staff, we could cover any cover charges or drinks not covered by packages, however keeping each cabin on their own would be ideal. We wouldn't mind splitting tables, but of course we'd rather all be together. We are very flexible on time and would do a really early dinner if it helped the staff keep their wits about them. Is it realistic that they could accommodate us before the sailing or do you think we'll have to wait to reserve when we get on ship? If RC won't let us reserve ahead of time and waiting until we get onboard is too dicey, I suppose the only other way to make it happen is to prebook and pay the covers on the app by adding all the different parties to the reservations, yeah? Then we'd be on the hook for 13 cover charges even though many have the unlimited thought, right? I've seen some info about large group dining in the MDR, but not in specialty places. I seem to recall a long time ago an email to RC for large group dinging, but I can't find that anymore. Very much appreciate the advice anyone can provide! HugoBoss
  2. We're sailing on Allure over Christmas this year with our friends. We live in the UK and they live in MI so we booked through a TA (who have since gone bust! Luckily our booking is all still going ahead!) and they booked through Costco. We're on MTD but they could only get late - I'm assuming/hoping we'll be able to change so that we can dine together once onboard. Does that sound doable? We also have bookings for 150 Central Park for one of the evenings but it would not let me link the bookings. I've managed to book two of us at 7pm and 2 at 7:30pm. Again, am I likely to be able to get us at the same time and same table once onboard? TIA
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