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Found 2 results

  1. Does any know if the Diamond level kids get an arcade credit? This summer our kids got $25 off if they played $50 of arcade games. It was a pain to keep track of but it's cheaper than buying arcade credits before we board.
  2. I had a next cruise certificate that was purchase prior to the change in Royal Caribbean's policy. Originally, if you purchased a next cruise certificate, you will place $100 down and get a $100 matching cabin credit. You could change your ship and sailing date anytime you chose and still get your $100 cabin credit when you sailed. Now, if you change your ship and sail date there is a $100 change fee and you won't get your cabin credit. Because I'd purchased my next cruise certificate prior to of policy, I called to change ships. I was still charged a $100 change fee! I had to speak to a Supervisor and explain I purchased the next cruise certificate prior to the change in policy. I was still charged $100. I then escalated to the next person on the list and explained I was a diamond member who cruised twice a year and didn't feel I should have to forfeit $100. That's when I was told they would override the change fee but I lost my $100 cabin credit! In other words, they still charged me $100 even though that was not the policy when I made my deposit. At this point, I wouldn't recommend booking a cruise in advance. Planning more than a year in advance is difficult because you don't know what will happen during that year. I recommend waiting until three months out. You may not get the cabin you want but you may get better pricing and you will know for sure if you are able to cruise. Not sure if Royal Caribbean is having financial issues but the "cut backs" are becoming more frequent. Just a thought...Maybe build fewer ships and give back some of the perks that used to make cruising a more financially feasible vacation.
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