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Found 3 results

  1. I have a question for any other Canadian cruisers or anyone who may know this answer. Each time I fill out my Set to Sail paper work they ask to select one of two options: 1- should I allow Royal Caribbean to figure out the current exchange rate with a small fee added or 2 - Should I allow my card to be charged in American currency and then have my Canadian bank complete the current exchange and I also believe there is a small fee as well. I have done this both ways and still have no idea what I should select each time I cruise?
  2. We are sailing aboard the Jewel of the Seas in June 2020, out of Copenhagen, on a 10 day cruise. We will have a 2 day stop at St. Petersburg Russia. We are booked for the 2 day excursion tour package. Some family and friends are quite nervous about our safety on this trip. A friend, who sailed there YEARS AGO, said it was terrific but - their tour bus travelled at extreme rates of speed for safety sake. 1) we'd appreciate knowing the honest truth about visiting St. Petersburg and if you felt safe doing so? 2) No visa necessary because taking the ship sponsored tour, right? 3) Do they take credit cards in St. Petersburg? 4)Jewel of the Seas input? Thank you!
  3. Can anyone tell me what the "extend payment with American Express" button does/refers to, when you're trying to make payments?? Also, is it possible to split payments over a couple of credit cards when the whole balance is due??? Thanks!
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