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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all! We are 44 days away from sailing on Oasis and both the website and the app aren't allowing show reservations yet. Does anyone know if they are still doing pre-boarding reservations for the shows onboard?
  2. I would dedicate a ship to Pet owners. People who have dogs, cats and maybe other small pets would be allowed to cruise with their furry companion. Of course special modifications would be made to the ship and the rooms for safety of the pets. Only vaccinated pets allowed (rabies, etc.) Upon boarding all pets would get a GPS monitoring collar to wear in the unlikely event of escaping their room. Perhaps the whole ship would have some type of technology like a invisible fence built into their collar as well so pets would not want to go near railings. Rooms would have enclosed balconies so no furbaby could fall overboard. There would be less but bigger cabins. Each room would have a small glass vestibule so whoever enters the room would not accidentally let a pet out. Cabins would cater to the type of pet. A floor for cats only (cat scratchers and cat condos in all the rooms), dogs only or mixed. Dogs must be leashed when walking around. Cats and smaller pets must be carried around in carriers. Of course grassy areas for dogs to "go". Not sure cats need a special area to go to, I think they'd be happy with looking out the window all day. There would be one whole floor as an open (but fenced in) dog park for dogs to run around. Perhaps open to fresh air. This area would be secured so dogs couldn't run away. Maybe even a dog pool and jungle gym for them. Smaller pets like birds (clipped wings only) or rabbits/hamsters would get a solarium in their room and must be carried around in a special carrier if leaving the room. There would be shops and restaurants all with Animal themes. Spa and groomers as well. What dog or cat wouldn't want a kitty or doggy massage? Water stations all around the ship for quick hydration. Special room service dining menu for pets. A doctor and a vet onboard. Lots of pet loving staff on board to assist. What else? What would we call it? .......of the Seas
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