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Found 4 results

  1. We're currently booked on the Grandeur OTS out of Barbedos in March. My mother and aunt are sharing a room. In light of the recent reports of Aruba, Omnicron, CDC, etc I want to be able to consider our options. With respect to the Cruise with Confidence program, if either my mother or aunt, but not both, want a refund, how does that affect the remaining traveler? Will they get hit with a higher bill at the last moment? Thanks
  2. I understand that they are trying to salvage as much as possible and, that they are suffering great losses...so, before everyone responds by stating the obvious, I thought I'd get that out of the way. Now, what about us, the customers? There aren't many, if any, that would be comfortable going on a cruise in 2 or 3 weeks...and maybe not even in 2 or 3 months! Why play games RCCL? Just cancel the cruises through at least the next month or two and work on rebuilding! For crying out loud, you've got it covered from the sound of things.
  3. We are leaving on Thursday and supposed to be at cococay on Saturday. I see the winds are supposed to be 25-30mph , will they likely skip port for the day? Or will it still depend on waves and such? If they would skip it are they likely to take us to another port and refund funds for cococay? Sorry first time on RC ?
  4. Has anyone had any luck deal with Royal Caribbean after all of the Empress of the Seas cancellations? We received a phone call 3 weeks before the cruise was supposed to leave telling us the cruise had been cancelled. We were offered $100 in shipboard credit and airline change fees IF we rebooked on another Royal Caribbean WITHIN 24 HOURS. It was as if WE had done something wrong!!! Because our trip involved multiple plane flights and multiple people this was impossible. We have taken many many RC cruises over the past 20 years and were, until this event, big fans. Unfortunately, our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. So at this point we have decided to move on to a new cruise line.
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