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Found 3 results

  1. I was planning on using my birth certificate and driver's license to board my closed-circuit cruise. I do not have time to get a passport. Yes, I know I should get one. No, there is not time for me to get a passport right now. I have two versions of my birth certificate. Both are from the state of Texas, not hospital records. One is the "long-form" birth certificate with my parents' names, address, birthdates, and a stamp from the Department of State Health Services Vital Records. One is the old format with just my parents' names and their address and a stamp from my city's metropolitan health district. Both have obvious other info like the time, location of birth, etc., and stamps from the State of Texas. Will they only accept the long form? This one has a typo for my mother's birthday, and I could not use it to get a passport until it was updated (hence why I do not have a passport), but I'm not sure my corrected copy will arrive in time. I'm very nervous and would like any advice or suggestions y'all might have. I plan on calling Royal Caribbean tomorrow but just thought some feedback would help either put my mind at ease or figure out what to do from here.
  2. Are there two separate lines during the embarkation process at Fort Lauderdale? For example, one for those passports and one for those using birth certificates? My entire family has received their passports, but my wife has yet to receive hers. It is running behind by a few weeks now. We filed in December, and I was the last to file, but I have received mine already. Hers also showed "In Process" in the online status system before mine. So if hers does not arrive in time for our cruise and she has to use a birth certificate, will she need to go into a different line from the rest of us?
  3. I have a passport but it expires 4 months from the end of our cruise (cruise line recommends expiring 6 months or later). So, I was going to bring original raised seal birth certificates and DL just in case. However, birth certificate is in maiden name. Will it still work? Or do I also bring marriage certificate to show name change?
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