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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, My future husband and I booked back-to-back cruises in April for a 2-week honeymoon, so excited! It’ll be my first and his second time cruising so no idea what to expect. My questions are: 1. What are ways to make a cruise extra romantic and special for this occasion? I’ve heard from friends around my age (late 20s) who’ve gone on cruises that most of the guests they saw were either older or families, and I would love to meet other couples if possible. I’m also concerned since we’re going around spring break time that the attractions are going to be crowded with more kids and not as enjoyable. 2. Does RC have any “romance packages” like other cruise lines or a substitute? Couldn’t find one online. 3. Are they any attractions on Odyssey of the seas you’d especially recommend? We’re open to trying anything! Thanks and happy cruising, Emzee
  2. I see there is competitions on multiple days. Are they separate? Is there a prize?
  3. Has anyone taken part in one of the onboard shows called Crazy Quest? If you have the ability to go to that show I highly recommend it. It is very much an interactive/ audience participation show that is only for people over the age of 17. If you like to participate in the show be close to the stage or on the end of an aisle that goes directly down to the stage. If you wonder what it is I will give you a quick breakdown. It is basically a scavenger hunt type game for items in the crowd. For example one of the items was someone from your team had to have a drivers license with an Austin, TX address on the license. This was on the mild side. It went adult very fast. VERY FAST. If you are wondering how adult it gets here is an first hand example: I saw a passenger run on stage only in pasties and a thong. YES, you read that correct only PASTIES and a THONG. For ones that may not know pasties are similar to stickers that go over a females nipples. And thong is referring to underwear.
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