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Found 1 result

  1. So I've heard Matt say multiple times how Navigator is (or at least was, prior to an Oasis-class sailing ;) ) his favorite ship. I've heard others say that it's really good as well. My family and I were considering it as one of the few options available to us in our cruise window for 2018, as it had a nice 9-night Southern Caribbean cruise leaving the same weekend with what to us was a better set of ports. But we had two concerns, one smaller and one kind of huge: The small one was that, compared to Freedom of the Seas, it seemed to have less for teens to do and looked geared more towards couples or older families. After hearing Matt's various podcasts about his experience with his family, I'm guessing that wasn't a fair assessment, although I have to keep in mind that Matt's kids are younger. The bigger negative for us, though, was this line from the ship's review on CruiseCritic.com -- "Country music predominates on the sound systems, and many of the onboard musical entertainers also specialize in country offerings." My family as a whole likes just about anything when it comes to music, but country is one of the few genres that does absolutely nothing for us. The idea of spending 9 nights hearing country as our background music in all the public spaces while on a vacation wasn't the least bit appealing. The thing is, after booking our cruise on Freedom of the Seas, I re-read that statement in the review and saw that the reason they did that was because the ship was based in Galveston, TX and the theming was done based off of that. But it looks like Navigator is now based in Port Canaveral, Florida. When a ship is relocated like that, do they re-do the musical theming to match the new location (and presumably, the expected cruiser profile)? It would be nice to have Navigator as on option for our next cruise (and there WILL be a next cruise), especially after all the positives I've read and heard. I know, kind of a silly reason to avoid sailing on a particular ship. But it's like my friend who's a Disney fan and loves going there at Christmas time, but can't stand that he has to hear the exact same soundtrack in all five parks at that time of year and told me it really drives him nuts after a few days.
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