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Found 1 result

  1. Well, this isn't going to be live...it's been over, going on 2 weeks now...but I thought I would jot down a few notes about my recent Harmony cruise. We were a group of 6. 2 Star Class Suites and 1 inside cabin. This was our first (but definitely NOT our last) Star Class Suite. Our Genie was Reyno (Reyno is the "face" of the Genie program. If you have seen any brochures of the Star Class Program, he is the one in all of the photos). We were in a 2 BR Aqua Theater Suite (8330). 2 of our friends were in a Sky Loft Suite (1724); their Genie was Alexandra. Our last 2 friends were in an inside cabin and I have to say....they were enthusiastically included in all of the activities that our Genies set up for us. Yes, they were presented a bill for the meals that they ate with us, but never once were they not invited to come along, no matter what we were doing. I am very grateful to the Genies for this. They could easily have excluded them, as they were not in a Star Class Suite (or ANY suite, for that matter). When we had reserved seats for shows, there were always 6 seats covered with the red drape that was synonymous with Star Class reserved seating. Probably our biggest surprise, and greatest joy, was the way that our 2 Genies coordinated the entire cruise. We were all completely comfortable with calling either Genie to make a request and that request was always extended to include all 6 of us (unless we indicated otherwise). Reyno and Alex could not be more different. Alex is a reserved, all-business, graceful and elegant lady. Reyno is a loud, cutesie, gregarious loose cannon (but SOOO much fun !!) but they made the consummate team for making everything absolutely perfect. Well...nearly perfect. There were only a few places where the program seemed to fall short...which I will discuss later. Biggest surprise ? The bed ! OMG, the king sized Duxiana mattress was the most comfortable bed I have EVER slept in. It was heavenly. Biggest disappointment ? The cruise was only 7 nights and it just FLEW by - more quickly than any other cruise I have taken.
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