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Found 1 result

  1. Good evening, I have some questions as I have booked Back to Back cruises on the Oasis of the Seas.. Firstly, how does the Casino work? Do they have any programs like Carnival? After I accumulated 1500 points I got free drinks in the Casino.. Does RC have anything like that? Is there a Casino card that accumulates points and get future discounted ( or free ) cruises from the Casino? Secondly, we have booked a Grand Suite.. I have read a few things about Suite Perks.. is there any extra ones that aren't on the RC website? Any really good perks I should know about? Thirdly, being that this is my first RC cruise, it sounds like I don't get the Crown Anchor Society benefits for my first cruise.. is that true? Fourthly, being that we are doing Back to Back cruises and we couldn't get the same suite, do we have to completely pack take bags off the the ship, and re register or? Lastly, could someone explain how the dining works now for the Oasis of the Seas.. sounds like dinners etc were in the MDR with set times, now it's dynamic dining? what exactly does that mean? I'm sure I have lots more questions, but this is it for now... I'm the type of person who likes to do all sorts of research before the cruise so I don't waste time on the ship trying to figure stuff out :) I really really appreciate any help in regards to my questions.. thanks so much Cheers, Jill :)
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