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  1. This is my first cruise and I have had a lot of advice to not book through the RC website and instead to explore on our own. However, there seems to be very limited information (or maybe just too hard for me to find) in regards to the ports, and how far the different sights to see are and where else you could book them through that are reliable. Does anyone have advice on these places of where to look for other options? Specifically if you have been to these ports and had good experiences with them. Or if we can just grab a cheap taxi and head to the local spots? We are young newlyweds and want to explore the local communities and eat local food and not just shop or sit around (unless it is on a beautiful beach :) ! Also, how/when would we be able to get our money converted so we can use it? Appreciate any advice as this is our first cruise outing and it is our honeymoon! Thanks, Jennifer
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