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  1. My husband was happy to hear that the dress jackets were unnecessary. I on the other hand, have two very nice dresses to wear to the formal nights. Thanks everyone, we fly out in 36 hours and I am beyond excited!
  2. We are sailing next week on Harmony of the Seas. Very excited! I had a question about the formal night dress code. My husband, at the minimum, would wear dress pants and a nice dress shirt. He could also add a tie, if needed. And he could also bring his suit, but he would prefer not to. Thoughts? Which of the three are acceptable for formal nights? Thank you!
  3. Thanks so much for the answers! The reason I am asking is that we are doing an excursion in St. Thomas. (Not one by RCI) They have told us to be in front of the windmill at 11am their time. The schedule does say that the ship docks at 8am so we will make it in time, but I'll just need to confirm if we are on Eastern or have switched the hour ahead to Atlantic time (The time in St. Thomas), so we aren't an hour early meeting our guide.
  4. We are sailing on Harmony at the end of January. I am planning out our time in ports and wondered if the ship changes its clock to Atlantic Standard time when in port, or do we need to always subtract an hour when we are at ports? Thanks!
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